Thursday, June 25, 2009

Resetter Printer Canon IP1880

To reset manually Ink Full Tank, you can try this methods :
1. Turn on Printer Canon iP 1880
2. Push and Hold resume button about 2 minutes
3. Release resume button
4. Printer will back in normal again
5. Then use the software to reset permanent ---> reset tool Download

just for this program resetter, resetter can also use this type for the printer canon Ip 1100, 1800, 2500, 1880, 1980.
Using this software easily, check the "eepRom Clear" and "Cleaning". Then in the options Tab Clear Waste Ink Counter, select the "Platen" and "Main" to reset the indicator into position 0.
On this software, Ip1980 was known as the 1800 ASA. By knowing the type id printer, make it easier to reset the printer select with lock release button, and set the destination IP to ASA in 1800 (only for the printer ip 1980) -> printer is different settings, by pressing the button to end the set. If successful indicator cartridge go to full, but sometimes no effect. To find out more about your printer, you can select the "device id". Tab to "Set Destination" to adjust your printer type. If the facility is non-active means that your printer type not support this mode.

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