Sunday, June 21, 2009

Resetting Epson Stylus C58, Software

This Epson C58 most of them are modifing because the refill ink are often makes trouble
Download here and more resetter for another epson printer in here

You can also reset and fix your Epson R270, R240, R250, R220, RX700, RX600, RX3700, RX3800, CX1500, CX2800, C63, C79, CX3900, C59, C45, CX4100, R1800, CX5900, C90.

Some tips if you still get error after changing the date:
1. delete folder ;C:\Adjustment Program\Stylus C58
delete the folder registry not just the key
3. Don't forget to set the date into 9 Nop 06 before running the program

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