Sunday, December 20, 2009

How To Care for Dot Matrix Printer

To Care printers dot-matrix type if you know how actually quite easy. The steps you need to do is remove the ribbon or ink cartridges, and then watch how the tape moves past the print head. Another thing to note, that you can clean the print head dot-matrix using a special tool. Facility consists of a cleanser that is inserted through the printer as if a paper and cleaning solution. So you need to do is wet the sheet with a solution, then run the printer to print on it (without a ribbon) while for the test. Where the solution was to dissolve the remnants of the dry ink, and then absorbed by the sheet.

Or you can do other way by using a special cleaning cartridge is inserted as a replacement. In addition, you also need to clean the platen (a rubber cylinder) to remove the remaining ink when the paper was printed. Perform tests to check the printer, so that satisfactory printing quality.

From the general steps in the process can be explained in detail as follows:
  1. Turn off the printer, remove the lid and ribbon.
  2. Clean dust or dirt on the printer.
  3. Check and clean the streets and out of the paper and platen.
  4. Clean and replace the 'head' print.
  5. Replace the ribbon if it is finished.
  6. Do a test print to get a satisfactory print quality.
  7. Clean and return the printer cover.
  8. Perform examination paper and make sure installed properly and smoothly entry conditions.

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