Sunday, December 20, 2009

How To Longer Age Printer

The existence of the printer as printing the current document is a primary requirement for companies large or small scale. Printer conditions often result in less attention to short-age of the printer. Actually there is an easy way to extend the age of the printer, here are some maintenance tips to keep it durable printers even though he was old.

Paper Case Clock
When the print process is in progress occurs paper jam (paper jam), is not advisable to pull the paper forcibly contained in the printer. Because it can leave the pieces of paper on the inside that will cause damage to the printer. If this happens, which can be done by removing the cover adalan printer and then slowly rotate the wheel of paper (paper wheel) until the condition of paper out of all.

Turn off the printer
Always turn off the printer when not in use. This can prevent the closing of the holes flow of ink in the printer head. Another advantage is that it can prevent the ink dry faster and can optimize the performance and function of the printer. Always use the power button when turned off the printer, and if necessary disconnect from the electric power to make it more secure.

Avoid toner / ink cartridges cheap
We have sold a lot of toner / ink cheap refiil that can be used to modify the printer. Toner / ink like this is very often mengirit expenditure when using the printer to print. However, the influence of the use of toner / ink is very bad modification to the printer durability. Therefore, if you want the printer preserved even though he was dusk, it is advisable to use toner / ink that has the optimal qualities such as Eikona ® or Qualiva ®. In addition to not lose quality with original warranty, too.

Printer cartridge filled with delicate electronic link. This thing is very vulnerable damage if treated carelessly. It could be data from a computer does not go up and cause the print was not optimal. Therefore, the cartridge must be treated cautiously. Cartridge durability also varies, depending on how often the process of printing. Some users simply replace the two or three times a year, while not a few who change the cartridge every few months. Cartridge is left mounted on the printer and never used too long can dry out. To prevent a decline in print quality, use the printer periodically.

Clean Dirt
Clean the inside of the printer every one or two weeks, depending on how often to use the printer. This will keep the printer in the printing capabilities. Do not forget to observe whether there are items left in the printer. Do not store the printers and dusty place full of insects. If it is a dusty place, it's good printer with plastic wrap to protect it from dirt.

Diagnostic Tools
Each printer has a diagnostic software tool to treat or deal with problems regarding tsb printer. Take time to learn. Might provide information that could help overcome the problems in the printer.

Failed Print
Failure to print or error message that sometimes appears, sometimes can be solved by turning off the printer, then remove the power cord for at least ten minutes. After that, insert the power cable to the terminal, then turn on the printer and try printing again. This way can overcome the failure to print properly.

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