Sunday, December 20, 2009

How to Safely Use Toner

Safe way to clean or replace the Toner Catridge

If you are cleaning or replacing the toner cartridge on your own, there are several safe ways to watch and prevention of risks. Here are some tips on how to hold the toner cartridge or laser printer.

Position the toner in place of the flat and flat as toner powder is very soft and easy to spill. If the spill powder flying in the air, so may be inhaled and can endanger your health. We recommend using a mask every time the toner cartridge for holding a mask can protect the lungs from inhaling toner particles when the powder spilled toner. If you find the powder spilled toner, turn off the fan, Air Conditioner, or other equipment that can carry toner powder. Leave the room and returned a few minutes after the toner powder has disappeared

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