Sunday, December 20, 2009

How to save Toner

Learning from some experience and the literature, the following 10 ways to get more save ink and toner cartridges. Because of printer ink and toner is very important and not free. Besides, also need to save the print materials such as paper and electrical energy to run the printer in order to practice the habits of life eco-friendly (friendly to nature, and use of natural resources and energy as needed).
  1. Use Ecofont (Font economical and eco-friendly for the printer)
    There are the types of letters or fonts that are helpful than others, because these fonts need less ink or toner in the print paper. Ecofont font was developed by SPRANQ, have the ability to save 20% ink-print compared with other standard fonts. These fonts can be downloaded for free at ecofont website and read the instructions on how to install these fonts in Windows XP, Vista, Mac OS X and Linux.
    In addition to using the font, it can save is by reducing the amount of text bold, use a smaller font and simply write what is important for printing.
  2. Be sure to print the text is correct all, revisions if there are errors before printing.
    Do not print anything before revising the manuscript of the writing errors, it can reduce printing useless.
  3. Choosing what you need to be printed
    Print only the required course of the entire book and not have to print the entire book.
    If you want to print text without a picture, you can use the print option "Draft output", which will help to print faster with low-quality coffee draft without images.
  4. Print You Like (website optimization that will in print)
    Basically, this command form of online website editor, who can help you to optimize other websites in print, by reducing local and white ads, to print what you need. for details click this web address
    This service is easy, simply visit the website, enter the URL of the page that you want to print, for example this article, and then click start and start editing, including the background or the part that you think does not really matter.
  5. GreenPrint (Software Industrial Inkjet Printer)
    GreenPrint is a software for Windows and Mac OSX are also capable of analyzing the print job you are doing and tell you your potential waste of printed material, so you can reduce the pages you do not want. In addition, you can print PDF files without using ink. In addition, GreenPrint also help calculate the amount of paper you save. Source:
  6. Printer Settings
    Setting an appropriate printer is very important and will help save many Andauntuk printed material if you do it properly. In addition to manually select the setting "low quality" for each print job, you can also use the "low quality" as the default print. And you can change it manually if you want "high quality", so you can choose if you need it.
    To permanently change the default printer, select the printer settings on your OS settings, and follow the ways of the following:
    • Layout Print: select whether you want to choose to print on both parts of a page or one side only as needed, for example, you print a lot of read-only, you can choose the two parts of a page.
    • Print in black ink and white mode.
    • Reduce the resolution: On some printers there is the option to reduce the image resolution, this option is usually found in the advanced setting your printer. 300 dpi is sufficient for many purposes, besides that most types of paper can not be printed in high resolution. So use high resolution only for the paper can be accepted, sepertiu high quality photo paper (high-quality photo paper).
  7. Print Preview
    Before printing, print preview and check beforehand to be sure that all have the desired fit. From here you can choose to print several pages on one sheet of paper, reduce the image size and so forth.
  8. Printer Settings (for inkjet)
    Check the printer manual to see recommendations from the printer manufacturer. In addition, some of the tips below can be useful.
    • Keep electrical current still flows, because the printer requires a steady electric current. If you do not connect the cable to the electric current, when turned on again, this printer will clean themselves. This process if repeated every day, would spend a lot of energy and ink.
    • Turn on and turn off the printer by using the on / off just so that you use the ink was not dry quickly.
  9. Age Toner
    For laser printers, toner cartridge shuffle could be done if forced to extend the usage.
  10. Print until the ink is completely discharged
    Printing to print a complete stop, because it can prolong the life of your cartridge or printer.

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