Saturday, February 6, 2010


This Software resetter Epson Printer T11 realy work.
1.  Download Software Resetter Epson T11
2.  Extract the files to your computer, use Winrar or another uncompress file
3.  Run Loader.exe file (do not adjprog.exe) if not, the program will not work.

See Figure

4.  Click Select (1) choose your printer type (T11), the Port, Select Autodetection or Select USBxxx, then Click OK. After that particular Click Adjustment Mode (2), and follow the next steps.5.   If you want to clear / reset waste ink full, select maintenance menu -> waste ink.going out the window like below :

6.  Click check, wait a moment, will come out number pad on the main counter and plate Pad. Initialization of click, wait a moment for the software you reset the waste ink. then you will be asked to turn off the printer. 
7.  Turn off the printer, click OK.Wait a few moments to turn the printer orders.  
8.  Turn on your printer, click OK, 
9.  Click Check again.10.  Now, Your printer has been reset. 
There are many other functions of the software is free useful.. 
Remember, reset your Epson Printer now truly in error condition (blink-blink-blink) do not reset your Epson T11 while still in a state Normal

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