Sunday, December 20, 2009

How to care for Canon Printer Ink tank

How to take care Canon Printer Ink tank

If you use the printer canon BJC 2100, S 200 SPX, canon i 320, pixma IP 1000 or i6100 printer canon A3 and the like? In the history of canon printer, serial printer uses cartridges with printhead models and inktank separately. Some users prefer to use a model like this cartridge model. Problems that often happens is that it printhead total dead end and are required to purchase new cartidge. Why?

There are 3 reasons why cases like the above.

  1. Foam on the tank was saturated ink that will not absorb ink refill. This means that if forced direfill, ink flows like water flowing in a solid. Certainly very little that can be stored into the foam inktank. The result is predictable, ink tanks and the lack of printing ink was not optimal, or would not print at all.
  2. Foam surface was crusty ink tank or often due to long use. Despite direfill, transport of ink from the printhead inktank cork hindered by this scale.
  3. Position shifts foam than necessary, so that transportation of ink broken / or not well.
The solution if the result is less maximum print is by soaking a few minutes the printer printhead cleaner and replace the liquid ink tanks with new ones. Guaranteed results returned to normal print.

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