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Tips to buy a laser color printer

Color laser printers are increasingly smaller physique, rushed in print, and cheap price. You can get a price ranging from U.S. $ 300. Therefore, one should pay attention to the color laser printer is not just the price of the affordable unit, or the speed of printing and paper tray capacity. But also the operational costs. Remember, the price of consumables is high.

Because it's possible the color laser printer is a low-end price in the range of U.S. $ 500 in the end be more costly than clever in price range of U.S. $ 500 - U.S. $ 1000 or more due to the speed, capacity larger paper: cost per page becomes cheaper.

For example, if EP316 Black toner for Canon's Laser Shot LBP50550N/5050 sold U.S. $ 78 and can be used to print 2300 pages, meaning the cost per page printing monochrome (not including the price of paper) on the color laser printer is 3.4 U.S. cents.

Meanwhile, black toner for brother EP302 Black, Canon Laser Shot LBP5970, sold U.S. $ 150 with a capacity of 10,000 printed pages. That is, monochrome printing costs per page (outside the paper) with Canon Laser Shot LBP5970 to 1.5 U.S. cents, or about 44% cheaper. But in terms of unit price, Canon Laser Shot LBP5050N the 8ppm color print speed, and can be connected to the network is far below the Canon Laser Shot LBP5970 ($ 520 vs. U.S.. U.S. $ 3600).

So what to look for when going to buy a color laser printer? Here are some consideration.

Before buying any printer, used to count how many pages are printed each month your office. After that, examine the engine speed and monthly duty cycle of the printer you are considering, to see whether your use pattern in accordance with printer capabilities.

Printer engine speed, expressed in pages per minute (ppm - page per minute) tells how fast the printer to work in ideal conditions (or even the special conditions created by its vendor).

Canon Laser Shot LBP5050N/5050 for example, capable of printing 8ppm for color or 12ppm for black and white. While Canon Laser Shot LBP5970 can drag almost four times: 30ppm to 32ppm for color or black and white on A4 paper. Speed Canon Laser Shot LBP5970 slowed as printing on paper that is wider, the size of A3: 15ppm for color and monochrome.
The average printer, according to tests conducted by PCWorld, reaching only 75% of the maximum speed is mentioned. Even according to PCWorld, the speed of color laser printer is the cheapest way below its vendor claims.
But still the engine speed is the easiest guide to find out if the printer can handle your daily printing needs - personal or in the office. More and more people are using the printer, the more you print, so the faster the printer should do. Except if you like girl talk near the printer with fellow colleagues, looking at who the print jobs come out ahead.

Thorough also how fast a laser printer to respond to your commands perform tasks from the state printing die or standby mode. There are several printers that must warm up first before you can print. As a result you have to wait a while - could be a matter of seconds or even minutes - first.
Why? In most conventional laser printer, there is usually a roller fixing the entire surface must be heated first before printing can begin to do. This is what causes the heating time (warm-up time) that can be quite long - depending on the extent of the surface of the roller.
But there is also, like the Canon Laser Shot LBP5050N/5050 and Canon Laser Shot LBP5970, who claimed zero warm-up time, aka do not require warm-up time. If any, time is very minimal.

This is because all Canon laser printer uses Canon's On-Demand Fixing. Here, a thin fixing film heated directly by a ceramic heater. Because direct heat transferred to the fixing film, the print process can be done without waiting for another warm-up time. Live press the Print button, and instantly print out the results. With On-Demand technology Fixing, according to Canon, Laser Shot LBP5970 Laser color it only takes about 7.5 seconds to be ready to print from the printer activation button (standby mode) lit.
In addition to the print speeds and warm-up response time, precise duty cycle is also a printer. Duty cycle or duty cycle determine the manufacturing threshold for the maximum number of pages printed per month. You'll want a wide range between minimum and maximum mold so freely in print.
Entry-level printers typically have a duty cycle of 300,000 pages per month. Printer at a price of around U.S. $ 1000 duty cycle typically offer an average of 60,000 pages per month, while the weight class printers, high volume, which cost in the range of U.S. $ 1000 - U.S. $ 2000, offering an average of 100,000 pages per month.

Print Resolution
Actually, we need an optical resolution of a fuss about the printer, the exact number of dot per inch that can be printed? Probably not. Color laser printer is the cheapest one is showing an optical resolution of 600 × 600 dpi, which is suitable for most business needs.
Many vendors are also implementing specific algorithms to emulate higher resolutions, such as Canon Laser Shot LBP 50550N/5050 offers a maximum resolution of 9600 × 600 dpi through techniques AIR (Auto Image Refinement). But some, like the Canon Laser Shot LBP 5970, which was offered resolution 1200 × 1200 dpi true.
But if you do not really want the print quality is excellent, just ignore the higher resolution. Moreover, you must be prepared to wait longer to get the results printed.
Which is also an important factor considered is the cost per page to operate the printer. Consumable printer includes all the specification that tells how many pages will be printed by the unit. Depending on what you print, the number you get will be different.
Color laser printers are usually cheaper mengemaskan small capacity toner cartridge - only tolerate a few thousand pages to print. Canon Laser Shot LBP5050/5050N for example, providing EP316 Black toner is resistant to print 2300 pages, and EP316 CMY (cyan-magenta-yellow) with the capacity of each print 1500 pages.

Toner prices are generally expensive, so if you can save, print in color Save. If printing color can not be avoided, then you need a machine that its toner cartridge can print more pages; so the cost per page is lower, and of course do not have to be replaced often. Canon EP302 Toner Laser Shot LBP5970, have the capacity to print 10,000 pages black, while for the color magenta, yellow, and cyan each bear print until 6000 pages,
In most color laser printers (especially low-end), the toner cartridge is included toner, imaging components and toner remaining in the reservoir in a closed place. While supporting the practicality of daily operations, such as the design is actually more expensive in the long run, because all the parts you need to replace at once.
On some printers, particularly high-class models, these components are separated. Just did a new install takes skill and finesse, but in the long term operational costs will be cheaper. Examples include Canon's Laser Shot LBP 5970 drum cartridge offers CMYK EP302, respectively 40,000 page print capacity.
Note that some upper-class printers are now bundling low-capacity toner cartridge, which is labeled as a "starter". For example Canon Laser Shot LBP5050N/5050. Starter toner CMYK packaging his own capacity 'only' 800 pages, while the standard-capacity print until 2300 pages (black), and 1500 pages (CMY). Starter toner usually do give a yield less than half the replacement cartridge / normal. Therefore, try to ask for a bonus toner cartridges at a discount when buying a laser printer.
Paper Handling
The great difference between the color laser printer located in his handling of paper - the number and size. The main paper tray on the printer cheap (under U.S. $ 500) usually accommodates a maximum of 250 sheets of paper. Often no available option to add additional paper tray. In addition, these printers are generally not able to handle paper larger than legal - the only way to do this is to use the manual feed tray, like the Canon Laser Shot LBP5050N/5050.
For printers with a more expensive price, available paper trays for up to 600 sheets of paper (midrange), or even nearly 1200 pieces on a higher model. Canon Laser Shot LBP5970 offers a tray (feeder cassette) optionally up to three levels, each power capacity 500 sheets, so that in total (including the standard tray with a capacity of 100 sheets) this color laser printer can accommodate up to 2000 sheets of paper.
Paper tray on midrange models almost always receive a paper letter and legal sizes. Wide format printer or A3 as Canon Laser Shot LBP5970 can receive a tabloid-size paper, suitable for printing booklets. Besides the size of A3 and A4, Canon Laser Shot LBP5970 quite flexible in accepting other varieties of paper sizes: B4, B5, Letter, EXE. Legal, as well as paper and card with a thickness that varies:
Check also if the printer can print on photo paper, transparencies, stickers sheet CD / DVD, or envelope. Usually manual tray feedback should be used to print the job.
Color Accuracy
All the color laser printer is equipped with calibration feature to check the consistency of color. This order prints to 20 of your brochure will be the same color as the first printing. High-end printers to do the calibration after 40 to 50 copies; other printers do after printing a few hundred copies.
Color is also determined by the toner you use. Each vendor printer toner always recommend the use of the same brand to brand printers for color accuracy and permanence of age use the printer. And more and more available third-party toner is cheaper.

All users want speed printer would print a hurry and of course the excellent print quality. Print speed, especially for printing in large numbers, are also influenced by the memory (RAM) from the printer itself. Higher dikemaskan memory in a laser printer, usually the better (read: fast printing process).
However, this does not mean that a laser printer should always pack large amounts of memory. There's a printer that can share the task of printing those with memory from a PC connected to the printer. So although the data should be printed large and complex, such as charts or maps of the room of an area, the process can still be printed in a high speed without the need to add more memory to the printer. Because the printer will print with the task of dividing the PC memory.
Models Canon color laser printers are usually adopted this technique, which it’s called the Canon Ultra Fast Rendering II (UFRII) and Load Balancing Technology. Canon ordained nine seconds as the length of time for printing a color document with a high level of complexity at a resolution of 9600 × 1200 optimized dpi for the printer model Canon Laser Shot LBP5970 this packed default memory of 256MB DDR SDRAM. But of course if you want and order to boost the speed faster, you are welcome to add additional memory / optional, such as 512MB.

Save Energy
In the global economic situation is still in shock, is also important to choose a laser printer that is not wasteful electric power. Indeed in the offices or even homes, laser printers are usually more often unemployed (idle), and instead print continuously without stopping. Because it is important to choose a laser printer is the electrical minimum intake while in this idle condition.
One can glance, especially if the print needs of your office include A4 and A3 paper - color or monochrome - is Canon Laser Shot LBP5970. In the sleep mode (sleep), this printer requires only 1W of power intake, which according to Canon's 96% smaller than similar models from rivals brands.
Do not forget to ask for warranty card to the printer that you buy. Ask also if the printer return policy is corrupt or jammed.

Other Features

Oh yeah, try to create a specification comparison table from a laser printer that you want to buy. Do not forget to include also the price of the printer unit and its toner prices. This is necessary for you to know what you can get from a particular brand and model, and whether it will meet your printing needs today and also in the future. There is no laser printers are made identical, so you do have to very careful in doing the specifications and price comparisons.
Compatibility for example, need to be given special attention. All laser printers that have been circulating today is not a problem when dealing with computers that Microsoft Windows operating bersistem. But check whether the laser printer is also compatible with other operating systems: Apple Macintosh and Linux.
Network capabilities and management of long-distance (remote) and ease of maintenance becomes something important, especially if the color laser printer will be operated in any office, ranging from small scale to medium scale up. The existence of port USB 2.0 Hi-Speed is required specifications. Also it would be nice if it was embedded 10Base-T/100Base-TX connector, and supporting applications to facilitate network management.

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